Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I haul some mighty big ass.

I rose this morning in La Pine to a fog so thick I couldn't see across
the street. But I could make out a wisp of blue up above, so at least
the clouds had finally cleared. Figuring that the fog would burn off
soon enough, I made slow tracks to Cindy's, the little diner next door.

Stuffed, watered and caffeinated, I set out on route 31. After four
grueling days on 97, 31 was a godsend. Immediately the traffic thinned
out to perhaps two cars per minute. By the end of the ride, as I left
ciclvilization further behind, I was seeing perhaps two cars in a half

It was a peaceful ride through the Deschutes forest, down on to the
Oregon outback scenic byway, past Fort Rock and Christmas Valley,
through Silver Lake, over Picture Rock Pass, and finally down into
Summer Lake, where I have finally settled at Summer Lake Hot Springs
RV park, a perennial burner stop. All told, I racked up a monstrous 92
miles today.

And now, I go to descend into the pool of hot! Don't cry for me,