Ivan Cockrum

Selected Clients & Projects

Selected Websites

(I have worked on many many websites, but the internet changes rapidly. These sites still feature my work.)

Interactive Therapy (2011)

Designed, developed, wrote copy, and maintain website for this Issaquah-based provider for special needs children. Built with WordPress. View it >

Hippo Leather Products (2010)

Designed, developed and maintain e-commerce website for this Port Townsend-based leather artisan. Built with Joomla + VirtueMart with customized PHP templates. View it >

Ignition Northwest (2010)

Designed, developed and maintain social community website for this Seattle-based non-profit arts organization. Built with WordPress with customized template. View it >

Paragon Media (2009)

2009 Designed, developed, wrote copy, and maintain marketing website for this nationwide CD/DVD/Blu-Ray duplication provider. View it >

Kris Johnston (2007)

2007 Designed website for this high-end realtor for Sotheby’s International. View it >

Selected Interactive Projects

(Developed with Flash and AS2 unless otherwise noted.)

TOYOTA (2012 via Süperfad)

Worked as production artist and assistant developer for Toyota ‘Drive What Matters’, an interactive website built with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Saved cost of having to hire extra specialized staff.

INTEL (2011 via DataPrism)

Built wireframes and designed UI for Intel ‘CityTour’ mobile app, which lets users share urban walking tours, leave reviews and upload photos. Developed as a case study for the Intel AppUp store.

AMAZON (2009 - 2011 via Kelly Services)

  • Designed 90+ rich media ad banners to promote new movies and DVD releases on IMDb website. Created user interfaces to match existing design styles, managed assets, and encoded video.
  • Developed a suite of custom Flash components for the IMDb Ad Design team. Components aided rapid deployment, dramatically cut development time, and reduced bugs per campaign.

STARBUCKS (2006 via Filter)

Developed Starbucks ‘Corporate Responsibility Report’, an interactive version of a 100 page annual report. Developed custom search feature, dynamic UI for localization, embedded animations, streaming video player, and interactive sub-sections. Worked with staff designer to animate his concepts.

Developed Starbucks ‘Spring Sale’ promotional microsite. Developed the ‘virtual barista’, a streaming video sales person who could respond to a limited set of questions and offer helpful details about select products. Worked with staff designer to animate her concepts.

MICROSOFT (2003 - 2006 via Saltmine, YR Brands, and Filter)

Developed ‘Six Degrees’, a Flash site to promote Microsoft Windows Live. Developed streaming video player that showed branching storylines to let users choose their own outcome.

Developed a series of interactive videos for Microsoft ‘Security at Home’ to tutor users in online safety practices. Augmented previously developed video player, encoded video, animated text and graphics.

Designed intro animation for 16 product demos distributed on the Microsoft Office 2007 DVD.

Developed kiosk front-end for Microsoft Velocity 2006 conference. Kiosk app took partners on a globe hopping virtual adventure and rewarded them with passport stamps after quizzing them on their progress. Managed 1 junior Flash developer, and communicated with back-end developers to make app log unique users to server, track progress, award prizes and send followup emails.

Developed Microsoft VideoBuilder web app to help Microsoft sales people rapidly develop custom sales presentations by assembling from a library of photos and animation and adding custom messaging. Developed front-end functions and coordinated with back-end developers to store user customization.

CENTURY LINK (aka Qwest / US West, 1997 - 2007 via Peak Systems)

Created animated slideshows for telecom industry conference presentations by Qwest CEO Sol Trujillo. Worked backstage at conferences with event staff to support Trujillo’s live presentations.

Produced, art directed, and developed a 45-minute animated presentation for Qwest leadership conference. Two versions were developed simultaneously, one for deployment on DVD in support of a train-the-trainer scenario, and one for interactive web training. Managed 3 junior designers.

Produced and developed US West Brand kiosk at Pepsi Center, featuring four commercials animated in a comic book style which depicted customers benefitting from US West services. Managed 3 designers.

Developed Flash app to display Qwest cell phones in rotating 360° view.